Roger (rogermoo) wrote in pact,


I'm trying to get a more up to date feel for who is doing wingspread this summer. I'm coming back to the Palo Alto area for the summer and trying to figure out if I want to do some shows or not. The season sure sounds fun. So yes, who's doing wingspread?
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im working there and will prob do a show...
I'll start the "I'm not" comment thread so you don't just think people aren't responding...I'll be at Bossov Ballet's summer intensive in Maine. I'll be able to come see the final show though, whatever that is!
I think that I am in the yearly category of being 'so done with PACT', and then sheepishly returning again. They made the season very hard to pass up.
i agree! But alas...unfortunately sometimes academia comes first.
you have no idea who i am, but for those who do, no i'm not doing it. I'm going to be at school trying to earn a BA before I'm 30.
I'll be working at the theatre. Take from that what you will. :) I've thought about doing a show or two, but I haven't decided anything yet.
Do Urinetown with me! I really want to do that show, but it depends on who's in the company, etc. You know you want to do Urinetown...