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je suis tres confused

Hey kids!

I am coming home for the fourth of July and Roneet and I planned to see you guys in a play, but then I got an IM from her saying its not this weekend? When is Urinetown playing, I'm really confused? I will be home from the 30th to the 6th. I will be doing a lot of stuff will friends from high school and trying to finish my final project for my summer school class, but if you want to get together or there's a show that time, let me know!

Also, do you know if there is a show the weekend of the 5th of August? My dad's birthday is that weekend so I'm going home for it. I only have one day to see a show (the 5th) though because we're then going to a spectacular Scanlon family reunion in San Francisco. HAHA....and then its back to Chappy-Chap.

Let me know. If I can't do Wingspread, I at least want to see some shows!
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